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The Girl Foundation is the most committed Social Enterprise established with the femiNINE concept. TGF is into conducting awareness talks on Child Sexual Abuse- POCSO Act, Substance Abuse, Date Rape, Menstrual Myths, Adolescent Issues, Gender Sensitization in all the rural and semi-urban Government Schools. Since it's inception in August 2017, TGF is focussed on resolving the challenges young students face. We empower both the boys and the girls understanding the fact that without each other the society will be unorganized and imbalanced. We strive to reduce the drop out ratio and bring out the best from the student community. We wish to give a safer society for the next generations to come.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Vision

Our Vision

"Every girl must realize that she is already empowered. They must take charge of their own life and learn to stand tall in life. Understanding
their rights don't mean they are superior to men but are equal.


Rohini Naidu, Ms.Universe Woman of Integrity has started this initiative considering the growing rate of rape and molestation cases among young children. She feels it's her responsibility to bring awareness amongst school students. TGF address the smallest and minor issues which are often unspoken and rarely addressed among the teenagers
considering the societal taboos, inhibitions and fears.


We need your support

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