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Project Period

COVID-19 pandemic, the unforeseen and unprecedented which has created in the entire world is, unfortunately, hitting young girls and women who can’t afford to buy sanitary napkins. As the income of the poor is shrinking beyond imagination, menstrual hygiene is overlooked only to create more health hazards among the weaker section. Far from being accepted as a normal perfectly healthy biological change, menstruation is often treated at par with untouchability and is associated with a lot of myths. This is adversely affecting adolescent girls who are vulnerable and prone to infections. It’s unfortunate to know that most of the women in slums and rural areas use old clothes and ash which is hazardous to their health. 


As part of one of our existing projects, TGF- The Girl Foundation is working on breaking the PERIOD TABOOS by distributing SANITARY NAPKINS to the needy free of cost and demonstrate on personal hygiene and menstrual management which is the need of the hour. 

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Distribution of biodegradable menstrual pads at Kondapur slums.

Team TGF at Madhapur slums the heart of the city, for the distribution of sanitary napkins. 

It was not to our surprise that most women there do not have proper awareness about the hygienic ways of menstruation.

Their poverty, moreover, does not allow them to go for better options available in the market today. 

We also heard their concerns and grievances about not having access to basic education and basic amenities, among others. 


TGF’s PROJECT PERIOD is an initiative that works towards bringing awareness on MHM (Menstrual Health Management) and eradicating PERIOD POVERTY. 


Team TGF would like to thank all the donors wholeheartedly for making this happen (we raised a few funds for the program and we couldn’t be more grateful), and the team of volunteers for trusting and rendering their help. 

More such massive programs are to come!